BREAKING NEWS!!! Splash Underwater Photos Works With Learn to Swim Schools

BREAKING NEWS!!! Splash Underwater Photos Works With Learn to Swim Schools

Learn to Swim Schools and their students can jump in the pool with the Austswim certified Award Winning Splash Underwater Photos Team!

With the new portable studio, and a team of Austswim qualified Learn To Swim Dunkologists, Splash Underwater Photos is jumping in with local swim schools to capture the innocent and amazed looks of the Learn To Swim kids in Brisbane.

What is a Dunkologist?

A Dunkologist is a specialist who helps create magic photos! They are Austswim qualified Learn to Swim instructors and …

• Are Blue Card registered so they can work with children
• Are trained and qualified in First Aid & CPR
• Are trained in the specialist role of safely and carefully positioning your child to get the best photos in a fun and cheerful manner.

Dunkologists work with each swim school to learn the key phrases and processes that are individual to each school. With these techniques, Dunkologists are able to read your child’s style of doing things and mood at the time and know how to choose between either keeping the child above water or submerging them safely and comfortably. If your child is not having a great day, and doesn’t want to put their head underwater, that’s ok. Awesome water play photos can be just as fantastic as below surface photos.

Who is behind Splash Underwater Photos?

Splash Underwater Photos Owner, Judi Turner-Buzer has always loved photography and the water. Combining the two came as an idea in 2012 while sitting beside the training pool watching her daughter have her learn to swim lessons. Judi wanted to capture the special moments of wonderment, fun & thrill of learning to swim and be able to preserve and share these special moments.

In the beginning Judi under-estimated the challenges of capturing professional, underwater images and there were several ‘learning experiences’ on the way. From drowned cameras to waterlogged lenses and a very limited field or resources and people who really knew what they were talking about in the specialised field of underwater portraits, Judi finally put together a winning combination.

Today, Judi is in high demand from Competitive Swimmers, Dancers, Actors, Families and others looking for a unique look. However, Judi’s passion will always be where the flame began … Children loving the experience of learning to swim!

What is the process?

Judi and the Team are visiting local Brisbane Swim Schools to provide parents an opportunity to have their children captured underwater during their regular swimming lessons. 

The Splash Underwater Photos Team visits your Learn to Swim School over 2 weeks.

Week 1: The team set up the portable studio in the pool at your Swim School for the entire week of swimming lessons. During your child’s swimming lesson, Dunkologists follow your swim school’s cues and processes to prepare the children to be submerged for a fleeting moment and the Photographer captures your child’s bright alert eyes, big smile and look of wonderment. Before they know it, they continue their lesson. Simple!

Week 2: The Team returns to your pool to show the photos. It’s during this time that parents see the photos of their children and choose to order photos during swimming lessons. Packages available to parents start from as little as $50 and include a high quality, professional print and the corresponding digital file – perfect for sharing on your Facebook or Instagram pages with friends and families!

We look forward to jumping in with your swim school and to capture your young super fish. If your school hasn’t mentioned yet that they have booked in with Splash Underwater Photos, feel free to contact us and we can be in touch with them.

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