Session Info & FAQs

What to expect from your photo session. Having your portraits taken underwater is a completely new and very different experience to a regular portrait session above water. There are some behind the scenes videos below, and further down are the most frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t mentioned, please feel free to contact Judi on 0488 244 146.

Jumping in to an underwater portrait session with Splash Underwater Photos is a surreal, fun and exciting experience. Unlike land-based studios, you will need to go with the flow whilst in the pool, however you will also be able to naturally create poses that you will not be able to achieve on the land. You will be able to float and be naturally suspended in the water, which helps in the creation of a magical experience you and your family, and incredible photographic art works to display in your home or office.

In the event of inclement weather, we will reschedule your session with no penalties.

About 2 weeks after we have dived in and had our Underwater Portrait Session, we will invite you back to our studio for your family’s private Viewing and Ordering Appointment. During this appointment, we will view the images so you can select your favourites to display in your home or office.

We have so many beautiful, quality ways of creating and displaying your artwork, and will work with you to create something unique to you and your family. We have a range of products to suit everyone’s style and budget.

FAQs: About the studio & your underwater experience

Is the pool heated?

We are not a fan of cold water so always hold our sessions in heated pools. If the Studio pool is not warm enough, we will organise to use one of our heated partner pools.

What if I get cold during my underwater experience?

The more comfortable our clients are, the better their photographs will be, so we do our best to ensure our clients remain warm and comfortable. If you are cool, we will do some easy exercises in the water to get the blood flowing and organise some warm drinks. We also have a toasty warm shower for after your session so you can freshen up if you want.

If you are finding the water temperature still too cool, we can reschedule or relocate the underwater experience if we have not captured enough photographs.

How long does the session go for?

The session generally lasts for approximately 1-2 hours. For little people, this time will normally be shorter depending on their comfort level and attention span.

Sometimes the session will go for longer, and this is due to concepts that are trying to be achieved, comfort levels in the pool and costume changes.

How long will we be in the pool?

A normal underwater experience takes, on average, from 60-90 minutes. This can vary though depending on the comfort level of participants, and wardrobe worn in the water. For the younger ones, we endeavour to minimise the time in the water due to the shorter attention span they have. Each experience though caters to the participants, and we do our best to accommodate.

How deep is the pool?

The Splash Underwater Photos Studio Pool, based in Warner is about 1.60m at the deep end 1.20m in the shallow end, and a fantastic long shallow step that is about 45cm deep, which is perfect for little people to stand comfortably.

If we use one of our partner pools, the depth can be up to 2m deep. Depending on your comfort and confidence levels though will determine the depth of the pool that we use.

Will I be able to see underwater?

Water clarity is one of the most important aspects of an underwater experience. The clearer the water, the better the photographs. This means that yes, you will be able to see under the water, however it will likely be blurry and undefined. This is a normal occurrence and is due to light refraction.

Do I need to be a good swimmer?

Not at all! The Splash Underwater Photos Studio Pool, based in Warner is about 1.6m at the deep end 1.2m in the shallow end, and a fantastic long shallow step that is about 45cm deep, which is perfect for little people to stand comfortably.

For sessions that require a larger or deeper pool, we have a fantastic relationship with many of the pools around Brisbane who love having us.

During our initial meeting, I will be able to establish the most appropriate pool type (shallow or deep) so that we can achieve the best images possible.

All the pools I use will be a comfortable temperature because I don’t like cold pools either 🙂

We are very sun-safety conscious, so whenever possible, we aim to have our clients in the shade. When at the Splash Underwater Photos Studio, we normally have a cover over the pool to protect us from the sun, and also achieve the best photographs we can!

Does the pool have salt or chlorine water?

The Splash Underwater Photos Studio Pool is a mild salt water pool. This means its super gentle on eyes and clothing.

If we use a partner pool, it is likely it will be a chlorine pool. The amount of chlorine will depend on the individual facilities.

We have our own pool, will you come to us so we can have our session in our pool?

Absolutely! Please just ensure that your pool is very clean and crystal clear. If you are unsure if its clear enough, you can purchase water clarity tablets from your local pool supplies store.
The quality of the pool water plays a large part in the quality of your photos, so if its cloudy or dirty, this will negatively impact on your photos.

Do I have to hold my breath for a long time?

Having your photograph taken underwater is a very different experience to being photographed in a regular studio. Once we are ready to jump in, we will take a few moments to run through some relaxation breathing exercises to help us achieve the best photographs of you underwater.

Generally you will only be under the water for about 20 seconds, which is a very easy thing to do. I don’t wear any scuba tanks or breathing aids, so if you need to come up for air, so will I!

What happens if I can’t sink?

Most people are naturally very buoyant in the water, and find it difficult to sink, including me! I wear a weight belt to help myself sink, but for you, I have a combination of ideas to help your body relax into the water as well as some hand held weights and even fishing lead sinkers.

The number of weights required varies from person to person, so we start with adding low level weights until we find the ‘magic’ number needed.The weights we use will be enough to help you to get under the surface of the water be the perfect amount and help you to stabilise yourself into to your pose to capture that perfect moment.

How much is it?

The booking fee is $297. The booking fee covers our time in the pool and 1 Matted Fine Art Print with exterior dimensions of 11x14in.

Individual matted prints start from $250.

Wall Art, available in Acrylic, Canvas and Framed prints start from $440, and are ready to hang.

Wall Art Galleries and Gallery Collections start from $1190.

Digital images are available for purchase or download of purchased photographs.

More information is available on the Investment page.

FAQs: About the outfits, the props & make up.

I’m pregnant and would love to have an underwater maternity experience, when is the best time to capture us?

Congratulations! The best time we have found is from 26-34 weeks along in your pregnancy. This is the ideal time to take advantage of the buoyancy of the water will allow you to move weightlessly and get into fun and striking positions.

From previous experience, expectant Mums find an underwater experience fun, relaxing and the ‘perfect way to ease the pressure of Bub on the body’. Mums have also told us that Bub seems to realise that Mum is in the water and tend to become quite active with stretching and moving around. The boyancy of the water helps in so many ways.

Will the water sting my eyes?

The water in the Splash Underwater Photos Studio Pool contains very low levels of chemicals and is a salt water pool, so has not been known to cause pain to anyone’s eyes.

Most of our partner pools are chlorine pools, so there may be a little discomfort after some time.

We recommend eye drops prior to jumping in, and then rinsing your eyes in fresh water at the completion of your underwater experience.

I wear contact lenses. Can I wear these in the pool?

Most optometrists (eye doctors) recommend against swimming with your contacts in. Depending on which type of contacts you are wearing, the water can cause the contact to deform and press against the eye, causing pain. Contacts can also trap bacteria and microorganisms from the water against the eye, which (in rare cases) can lead to infections that cause serious vision problems.

If you must wear contacts underwater, it is recommended that you use single-use disposable contacts and discard them after you swim. This way, you won’t need to carefully disinfect them.

I’m a competitive swimmer. Is the portrait session just like a training session?

Your photo session is completely different to a training session! We will focus on some dives and of course your preferred or favourite stroke. We will work at getting a variety of different angles of your strokes, including both below and above the water.

We may even be able to photograph you with our national flag (or another if you’re not from Australia, but this flag you will have to supply yourself.)
Your photography session will take approximately 1 hour, but this can be extended depending on how the session progresses.

These sessions are normally completed in one of our partner pools. A session in your regular ‘home’ pool may be possible if it is suitable. Simply provide me with the name of the pool and I’ll do the rest for you.

I play a different sport can we do a portrait session with my uniform or gear?

Absolutely!!! Let’s have a chat and work out your needs.  I do have some props, however some items may need to be supplied by you.

We can work these details out during our preparation session prior to your underwater experience.

I am a dancer and would love to wear one of my outfits for a portrait session. Will this be ok? And will my outfit be ok as well?

Our Studio Pool is a salt water pool, and therefore gentle on both eyes and outfits.

So far, we have not had any adverse mishaps with any of our clients outfits or garments, or any of our own props and garments. We do always highly recommend though to thoroughly wash any outfits in fresh water as soon as possible just in case, and if you prefer, we can even rinse items here before you leave.

Although salt water is much more gentle than chlorine, part of the routine after every portrait session is that we wash everything we put in the pool, which includes the props and back drops.

If you are worried that you may ruin your outfit, particularly if it has lace or is a wedding dress, I would suggest that you head down to your local op shop and purchase something from there. You can grab some fantastic bargains!

Will the chlorine ruin my outfit or shoes?

The Studio Pool is salt water, so is gentle on both eyes and clothing items.

So far, we have not had any adverse mishaps with any of our clients outfits or garments, or any of our own props and garments. We do always highly recommend though to thoroughly wash any outfits in fresh water as soon as possible just in case, and if you prefer, we can even rinse items here before you leave.

Although salt water is much more gentle than chlorine, part of the routine after every portrait session is that we wash everything we put in the pool, which includes the props and back drops.

Does Splash Underwater Photos supply props and outfits for underwater experiences?

Splash Underwater Photos can provide some props and a limited range of outfits. We have a considerable selection of lengths of fabric that we can incorporate into your experience.

We do also have a number of weights available too if you need additional assistance to submerge.

What is the best sort of material if I want to wear a costume in the water?

You can wear any material in the water, however the lighter the material, the more artistic and flowing the photos will be.

Another thing to consider is the weight of the material when its wet. The thicker the fabric or more layers there are, the heavier it will be.

If you chose to wear a heavy dress or outfit, that’s ok. I will just make sure that we use a shallow pool to ensure the best safety options for you.

When its time to hop out of the pool, one of the easiest ways is to take your costume off while still in the water as this will be considerably easier for you!

Is it ok to wear underwear under my outfit instead of swimmers?

Sometimes its better to wear underwear under an outfit instead of swimmers due to the cut or colour of the garment.

What colours are best to wear for my underwater experience?

This is a tough question to answer as all colours can look awesome. The answer really depends on what you want to have captured in your underwater experience. Do you want to have bold, vibrant colours or would you prefer more of a soft, pastel colour palette.

We will work out the best options for how we will prepare the studio during our preparation session.

How do I keep my hair out of the way?

When we first jump in the pool, we will go through a few hints and tips with you to get the best photographs.

One of these is to teach you how to move underwater to both keep your hair off your face, and achieve that beautiful flowing appearance.

I would love to wear make up for my underwater experience. What should I wear?

As we will be underwater, you really will need water proof make up. But be aware that some is simply water resistant.

For this reason, we have found a team of make up artists that have the necessary skills, artistic talent and products to provide beautiful make up services.

If you would like to book one of our artists, they are available from $95, payable directly to the artist we book.

About: After the Session, Products & Timeframes

What happens after my underwater experience?

After we complete our session, we will invite you back to the studio for a viewing and ordering appointment. This is will be approximately 2 weeks after your experience.

This allows us time to select the best photographs we captured during your experience, and then complete a basic editing process on them.

Once you have selected the photographs for your order, we will then complete a more refined editing process on those selected images prior to forwarding them to our printers for production.

How can we display our photographs?

We have a variety of gorgeous products available to choose from, with examples all available to view throughout the studio.

How much do people normally invest?

The average investment by clients is between $1500-2000 to display their artworks.

When do I pay for my photographs?

We ask that you pay for your order when it is placed at your Viewing & Ordering Appointment. All our work is custom made and guaranteed. All items undergo a Quality Control Check prior to collection to ensure all aspects of the collection is of the highest standard.

Do you have a payment plan option available?

Splash Underwater Photos can offer a payment plan for clients. There is a 35% deposit required to secure your order and get the production process started. The remainder is calculated over an agreed period of time.

How soon can I collect my photographic prints?

Production of your artworks generally takes between 4-6 weeks to complete. This timeframe depends on the production process. We will keep you updated on the estimated time of delivery.