Underwater Trash the Dress

Wedding? Formal? Any special occasion??

Instead of leaving that gorgeous gown or suit hanging in your closet, bring it out and flaunt it in the pool!

Commonly known as “Trash the Dress”, “Rock that Frock” and jump right in! Its fun, creates stunning images and is so relaxing to be so casual that its the perfect way to unwind after your wedding day or formal!

Our studio pool is a brilliant blue. The crystal clear pool is salt water with minimal chlorine and is friendly to eyes and gowns!

The deepest part of the pool is only about 1.5m. Although gowns and suits can get heavy in the water, my priority is your safety and comfort, so staying in the more shallow end or even on the steps can create equally beautiful photos.

Wear your shoes for the full effect. After all, who hasn’t walked through puddles of water in the rain? Shoes were made for that!

Hair and make up can be done also for the session, however make up will need to be waterproof though.

And for those stubborn suits that tend to fill with air and not let you under the water grooms/partners? Its a great opportunity for your partner to step in and help …

Don’t worry … no person was harmed in this shot and Robert was safely above water again within a few seconds 🙂

The session will run for a minimum of 1 hour. The length of the session all depends on how well your outfit ‘co-operates’ in the pool.